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Hello visitor and welcome to Start an Adventure, the approved fanlisting dedicated to Namco's wonderful RPG series of Tales (also known as Tales of in Japan and by fans) which is listed at First Aid! and The Fanlistings Network in the Games category respectively. Beginning in 1995 with Tales of Phantasia and celebrating it's 20th Anniversary next year, the Tales of series has spanned over Japan, North America and Europe by producer Hideo Baba, with character designs done by Kosuke Fujishima (creator of Aa! Megami-sama) and Mutsumi Inomata, wonderful music by composer Motoi Sakuraba and under it's developer Namco Bandai (formerly Namco Tales). Many of it's mothership titles have been released under different consoles. Some of them gets special re-releases which may (or may not) get released outside of Japan as the games were originated there. They've also made sequels to go along with the original title. Special media also have been released (eg: manga, OVA, anime and drama CDs). I would like to thank TFL eternally for this amazing approval since many of these games I've been able to buy, holds a special place in my heart. If you're a fan of the series as much as I do (and may over fangirl obsessively), please stay and take a look around. If you would like to join the fanlisting, please show your love by doing so. Just don't forget to take a button and read the rules before hand! This fanlisting is owned by Mayumi. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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